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Jose Rizal as Our National Hero

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Jose Rizal as Our National Hero

It was on December 28, 1946 when the Americans suggested and proclaimed Jose Rizal to be the Philippine national hero. The Filipinos became more familiar with his achievements and writings which have inspired the Filipino youth to fan the flames of probability and proclaim their uniqueness to the world. One of his famous lines that echo on the minds of most Filipinos is, “The youth is the hope of our fatherland”. Despite of this, there is also negative system of tenets on him being our national hero.

The four years in the Ateneo were a continuous pageant of brilliant scholastic triumphs, which made José Rizal the pride of the Jesuits. He was as good as he was brilliant. The Jesuits called him "a child excellent in religious sentiments, customs and application, with progress worthy of his signal talent. (G. & S. Zaide, 1984)

Rizal served as an inspiration to the Filipinos especially on the youth. Firstly, because he stands for what he believe in. As early as the age of 14, Rizal wrote poems critical of the Spanish colonization. He aspired for reform in his native land even if he was free from all of that when he was in Europe. When La Solidaridad members were having fun in that faraway continent, Rizal focused on writing to subtly bash the Spanish government. Even when he was having a glass of water for breakfast, radish for lunch, and skipped dinner, that wouldn't hinder him from writing Noli Me Tangere. He inspires us because he stood up for what he believed was right until his very last breath. Jose Rizal is one of the inspirational people who told the youth that they are important. His philosophies about the youth's capabilities are exemplified through his rebellious works during the Spanish colonization. He spoke for the Filipino youth’s rights, regardless of tradition and culture.

For the reason that he is exemplified as a standard to what a hero should be in a Filipino context. Moreover, because he is very popular and very much respected, Rizal has become, not surprisingly, the poster boy for all kinds of causes.

In June 2011, supporters of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill claimed that Rizal, were he alive today, would lobby for the bill. Tourist guide Carlos Celdran took that literally, dressing up in a Rizal costume to berate bishops in the Manila Cathedral. A Facebook page named “Free Carlos Celdran” and a competing page named “Keep Carlos Celdran in Jail” immediately cropped up, thrusting Rizal into the heart of the Web (I. Cruz, 2011).

Jose Rizal is an American sponsored hero. Governor Willian Howard Taft with other American colonial officials and some conservative Filipinos chose Rizal as a model hero over other contestants – Aguinaldo too militant, Bonifacio too radical, Mabini unregenerate. This decision to sponsor Rizal was implemented with the passage of the following


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