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Renaissance Case

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The Renaissance differed from the Middle Ages in more ways than one. In the Renaissance, there was more individual expression than in the Middle Ages, this is called humanism. In the middle ages, someone's entire life is to serve the church whereas in the Renaissance the church was not as important. And the individual would go out in search to better their selves.

During the Middle Ages (the era immediately before the Renaissance) the individual's role in society was to serve the Christian god. Normally the churches would near dominate the individual's life. By this it is meant that almost every aspect of someone's life is controlled by the church, what their role is, who they obey, type of entertainment, even how they dress. This completely turned around during the Renaissance.

Once the era of the Renaissance came around, the church did not have as large of an impact (like they did during the Middle Ages). Though however, the churches where not completely disbanded, they did not have as large of an impact. By this it is meant that going to church for the individual was not important, the individual would be busy doing other things like painting. The individual still did believe in the religion but however they thought it was not that important. Once the churches died down or became un-important a new way of living arose, this was called Humanism. Because of the new way of living, the individual would be in search of a way to better their selves, or to make money. Because of this the individual MALE could do just about anything he wanted (males only because if a women did what men did, they would be accused of being a witch and brought to the stake. Though they could become a courtesan if they wished). The individual (male) could be anything he desired, for example; He could be a painter, mathematician, inventor, doctor, mechanic, singer, or all of them if he chose.

If the male would become a painter,


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