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Mansa Musa's Hajj Journal Essay

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Mansa Musa’s Hajj: Journal Entry

Journal Entry #1

Niani, 1324

It is a bright morning here and I’m very excited to start my day. There are not many people traveling here and if there are there is a very minimum of them out. And there are not many animals around which means not much local meat. I headed northeast across the grassland to Walata. Ahead of the caravan.

Journal Entry #2

Walata, 1324

It is very early in the morning and I am several days behind schedule. I think it’s because of lack of sleep and food. Blacks from Sudan meet to exchange goods. Traveled across the taghaza which mean i was low on water supply.

Journal Entry #3

Taghaza, 1324

It’s almost sundown and I am enjoying this town. But many questions are getting asked about the route to the north. Very interested in this town made of “salt”. Can’t stop thinking about the route the Hajj has taken.

Journal Entry #4

Tuwat, 1324

It’s about noon and i’m walking around the town seeing what all the people are selling. Heard what Qur’an is teaching and it is very interesting and different from what I know. How is all this related to the teaching of islam? I traveled over 1,500 miles with the caravan and it was very tiring.

Journal Entry #5

Cairo, 1324

Its evening time and I arrived in Cairo. It’s a very cute town very nice and friendly people. Many activities going on. A lot of talk about Mansa Musa. And the people of Cairo are given gold.

Journal Entry


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