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Essay on Marriages

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It is often said that marriages are made in Heaven, and therefore, a suitable partner is very much of a necessity so as to lead a very happy and satisfied life. We often witness two types of Marriages, mainly, love marriages and arranged marriages. In love marriage, two adults decide to involve themselves in the holy bond of matrimony and in the other the families of the groom and the bride, or the third parties, a very active role in determining the match. In earlier days arranged marriages were the norm; this research provides a comparative analysis of the different practices and beliefs in marriage in the American and Nigerian contexts.

The research contends that in effect, marriage rituals are characterized as dynamically developing to include or allow social changes that happen in terms of looking for a potential domestic partner


Marriage is the most important event in a persons life and the ceremony and tradition involve dare an integral of the day. Marriage customs and ceremony are based on the religion and the country the person is in.

There are lots of difference in the marriage customs between Nigeria and America, like in country "Nigeria", marriage procedures follows step by step which depends on where the man comes from, either from the eastern part (called the Ibos), western (called the Yoruba's) and the northern part of Nigeria (called the Hausas), in this research I would be talking about marriages only in the western region. Marriage in the western region of Nigeria involves various stages before the couple can be declared as husband and wife. Before a man can marry a woman he ought to go through some traditional rituals and process which involves quality time and money. This involves three different stages, firstly is the "momimo" meaning "introduction" in Yoruba language, then the "ìdánaàdéhùn ìgbéyàwó" meaning "engagement" and lastly the main event called "ayeye ìgbéyàwó" meaning wedding, after this last process then the couple can now called


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