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Ancient and Modern Olympics

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Ancient and Modern Olympics’

Ancient and Modern Olympics like the world in general has evolved. The Olympics began in Greece and involved only their male citizens. Our modern day Olympics is for any country that wants to join and includes both females and males as competitors.

To begin with the Olympics began in Greece in 776 BCE. The Olympics was held only in the summers and every four years. The place where the Olympics took place was always held in the same location. We know that the athletes only trained for about 10 months and only Greek males were allowed to participate. Even their female family members were not allowed to watch because the male athletes competed in the nude. They felt so strongly about women not watching that a women have been put to death for watching. After their 10 months of training they would then go before a 10 member panel for examination. The competition for the athletes was very limited, pentathlon was one that involved five different events, javelin, discus, long jump, running, and weight lifting. Another event was called the pancration which was a combination of wrestling and boxing. This event was so brutal that at times death would be a result. There were chariot races and equestrian races as well. Then they had a running event; the Dolichos was what they called their long distant race. The stade race was a short sprint race and then the double stade race was just that; double the distance as the original stade race. These athletes were required to participate in ten events. They did have a festival all during these events and they had taken an oath in the beginning in order to pledge that they will compete fairly. Awards of a wreath of olives leaves was worn on their heads and a branch was cut from a wild olive tree with a gold handled knife was also given to them. The athlete then gave a speech of thanks to Zeus and the Gods would favor the town of the wining athlete.

Our modern day Olympics is still every 4 years, but we now have a summer and also a winter Olympics, that alternates every 2 years after the summer event. Unlike earlier times we change countries every time we have an Olympic game and it is now open to any country that chooses to join. Instead of being just Greek males we now also have females. Each athlete wears a uniform of their countries chose and carries their flag and colors, which has come a


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