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Modern Women - Redefining the American Housewife in the Age of Internet

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This paper focuses on the internet and how it has redefined the lives of the American housewives. With the aid of online soft-wares and applications it offers an in-depth look into how housewives can multitask, be entertained, educated and conduct financial transactions within the comfort of their homes. The basis of this research was conducted by reading e-books, updated articles, journals and online data; as a result formulating a thesis statement based on the findings. These findings are applicable to the topic, as it illustrates how the internet has facilitated the American housewife with the ease and convenience of doing any conceivable task, be a part of society and everyday life all from the security and privacy of the home.

Redefining the American Housewife in the Age of Internet

The internet is a name given to an immeasurable system that connects people and information through the use of computers (Barbara 11). Since its advent, the internet has enabled communities to become smaller through virtual means, giving anyone with an internet connection worldwide access to information. As a result, the world has become a global village, and internet users have the power to invite other users into their homes and lives with the click of a button. It is known that "knowledge is power," something that the internet can equip us with instantly on virtually any topic of interest known to man. This technology provides users with the ability to gain knowledge easily, which ultimately can empower them to improve their lives. Since the inception of the internet, it's hard doing everyday tasks without the use of the World Wide Web. Women, specifically American housewives, have found that the Internet can facilitate multitasking such as entrepreneurship, working from the comforts of their homes, or aid in job search through the use of a career building site such as Without the internet, it would be extremely inconvenient to accomplish any of these tasks, since the World Wide Web makes information extremely accessible and convenient for everyone. Thus, the World Wide Web has enriched and aided the lives of housewives with the ease and convenience of doing any conceivable task. The internet has enabled American housewives to redefine their roles, both in the home and career wise. This is made possible through instant messaging, online shopping, working in their homes, education, entertainment and conducting financial transactions.

There are many communication soft ware's frequently used by American housewives, to name two they are email and instant messaging services. Instant Messaging (IM) can facilitate global communication between two or more computers anywhere in the world and is one of the universally used online


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