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6 Area Women Are Not Permitted Touched Couple

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Does your partner often say "do not touch!" every time you want to start a more intimate activities? No need to worry, she has always had certain times that do not want to be touched couples.

Well, for the men would have to know when a woman does not want to be touched in certain parts. Do not be, just as insensitive, you and your partner a big fight. Therefore, consider the following's as quoted from The Stir by cafemom.


When a woman is breastfeeding or are menstruating, the nipple is the most uncomfortable part. Therefore, avoid touching the area.

Square Feet

Women who have not shaving or waxing on the legs, they often feel fear you will think of slovenly or lazy to shave legs smooth.


After completing daily activities, women tend to be shy and do not allow the pair to touch their sex organs. Not only are confident, that women do not feel comfortable having sex before a shower or before cleaning the body first.

The Hair

Well, for this one almost all women always do. Women always feel more confident when it came out of the salon and do not want beautiful hair after treatment damaged by touch or caress your partner.


After eating, the stomach will feel satisfied and full. At this time the woman was not like being touched in the stomach.

Any part, when sweating

Many women feel uncomfortable when sweating after exercise or engage in activities that exhausting. It causes they do not want to be touched by her partner.

Of course there is always the


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