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Problems of the Muslim Women

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If we want to define Muslim Culture is difficult because we´d have to consider this point of view: "Muslim Culture has some changes depend on what country we are and traditions adopted by people from every zone".

However, Muslim People have one thing in common: The Islam Religion.

The Islam is one of three monotheistic religions in the world and Muslim People have something considered sacred by them: The Koran Book.

The Koran Book consider all human beings in the same way, it means "People can´t be discriminated, everybody should be respected even someone has a different race, color of skin or sex." So, women in the Koran Book have civil, social, political and economical rights.

Then why we have a humiliated and ignored women image because of The Islam Religion? Despite of The Koran Book doesn´t justify violence or humiliation against women.

The explanations can be so long, but above all things in some Muslim Countries that problem is related with many different interpretations of The Koran Book made by men in order to feel stronger than women. In this sense, the experts compare this fact with the word "Machismo" in Mexico and Latin America.

The experts say: In USA every nine seconds one woman is kicked by her husband. In this country there´s a high violence against women but people don´t say this violence is justified by the Bible. Then why in the Muslim World always this problem is related with their religion not with men?

Finally, the Muslim Women could be victims like all women in the world, because it depends on many factors like poorness, traditions, maleness and life conditions. These women could be considered different because of their religion and the way they look.

Nowadays this perspective is changing and there are many women in business, universities and government. This is happening in some Muslim


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