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"the Canterbury Tales" Case

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All the characters in “The Canterbury Tales” have ways of defining who they are just by the types of backgrounds each character has. The characters in each of the tales have a way of finding love in his or her stories. By finding out if marriage is the right choice, or if that person is the one that he or she has chosen to be the one true love in that tale. In Middle English times love was something one would dream about or have a long time affair with someone that they started to have feelings with. devotedly; But Christ, who of perfection is the well, Did not bid everyone to go and sell All that he had and give it to the poor And thereby follow him; no, this was for The ones desiring to live perfectly--And by your leave, my lords, that isn't me. For I'll bestow the flower of my life In all the acts and fruits of being wife. "And tell me for what reason, if you can, Were organs made for reproducing man”(Hodge & Braddock, Publishers, 1993) This part shows that the social structure is discussing how a woman needs to be a virgin before marriage as this can be a gift to her husband. Putting a woman in to were she needs to be and not go forth and look for a lover be for marriage.


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