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Yahoo Get to Work International Marketing

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International Marketing

Assignment Notices

The Assignment

The assignment is simple to do. Each student is asked to find an article in a current periodical (described as no more than one-year old) on an assigned topic with international application. They are to read the article and summarize it in the equivalent of one double-spaced typewritten page. They are also asked to include the title of the article, name of the periodical, date and page number. They are told they may be asked to give a brief report on the article during class. Each student's assignment is due at the beginning of class period on the day the topic is assigned.


Topic Assignment

The topics assigned to each group parallel the topics of the text reading assignment and lecture. We pick very broad topics to give the student some leeway in article selection. For example, when discussing product, one assignment might be product life cycle, the next, product development, then brand names, etc. In each case, the topic is discussed in the assigned chapter and the students are expected to find an international article that addresses the topic assigned, e.g., product life cycle. We are not very rigid on the preciseness of the article topic selected since the goal is for students to find something with an international topic and sometimes it is difficult for them to find an article that fits exactly. Students are aware of their assignments for the entire term.


This is important since they need time to find the appropriate articles and, as discussed later, there is added benefits to having them begin searching for articles at the beginning of the term.


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