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Welsh Baccalaureate - Community Challenge Proposal

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Alice Brunnock

Welsh baccalaureate - Community challenge proposal

The community challenge is an opportunity for us to work in a group and develop our communication and team working skills, as these are both very important day to day skills we use. Inn addition, it will benefit us because we can help each other and work together on giving the crick residents the opportunity to express themselves, as we will be put into pairs with a resident.  Also, it will give us the opportunity to think for ourselves and work independently.

I think this challenge is worthwhile because you can work as a team and with someone we are paired up with and a resident from the crick care home. It will benefit the resident because you can make them smile and to try and make them remember about what they used to enjoy doing and their memories from when they was younger.

There are many different definitions for the word definition of the word community is a group of people who come together in the same environment and have things in common. The actual definition of community is “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” (Oxford Dictionaries English, 2018)

Duffryn is my community. My community is based in Newport, which can be described as a deprived area. Within the duffryn area there are three secondary schools, John frost high school, a welsh school and st Joseph’s RC high school, and a primary school, Tredegar park primary, supermarkets, Tredegar house, nurseries/playgroups, pubs, and a community link. Living within the Duffryn community benefited me in a positive way because it is a safe and secure community. I have not benefited majorly due to still living at home with my parents. I benefitted from living in the community when I was younger as I used to always go and play in the street and had loads of friends to play with. Also, I lived near my secondary school this was a bonus because it was only a 15-minute walk to school. Also, there is a field near my house, when I was younger I used to go there to play with my friends and also take my dogs for a walk there, where they are able to run around and play.

The benefit of a community is that it brings individuals together and involves all individuals which makes people feel safer such as vulnerable elderly people who can be made involved with aspects of the community and befriended. A benefit of a community is having a friendly environment in which you can grow and develop in. it can also grow your confidence and help you make new friends.

There are many benefits of volunteering in a community can individual the opportunity to support local initiatives. In addition to this, it includes the opportunity to meet new friends and business contacts who are outside of your normal circle. It means that you can be connected to the pulse of what’s happening and feel included. It’s a way of being productive whilst also helping others feels good at the same time and perhaps in some cases, helping those who are less fortunate or vulnerable within the community. Within my community we have a community link, the community link does a lot of things within my community and one of them is that they have a food bank provided by the charity Jesus cares and this is taken place every Wednesday. This can provide people who are less fortunate to go there and get a bag of food for themselves and their family. The aim of the community link is to tackle poverty.


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