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Vincent Freeman Case

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My name was Vincent Freeman. The day I was born was my parents desire to have a perfect child. I was born and conceived without the service of genetic engineering. I was suffering from heart conditions, myopia and I was given a life expectancy of 30 years. And there was my brother, Anton Freeman. He was a Valid and was my father's favorite. He was the ‘perfect' child in my parent's eyes. I did not have a close relationship with Anton; as he was always better then me in everything. We used to swim in the beach, and whoever could swim the furthest, was the strongest one.

I had a dream to become a space traveller. Since I was an invalid, there was no way I could achieve this dream. The only way I could get into Gattaca is to break the law and impersonate a ‘valid'. Someone who has an appropriate genetic advantage.

I found someone who I could take away the identity. Jerome Eugene was the ‘perfect' valid for me. I decided to buy Jerome's identity. But in return, I had to pay Jerome's rent. I looked nothing like Jerome. I had to wear contact lenses and replace my glasses; I used Jerome's valid DNA in blood, urine samples.

As I have used Jerome's identity, I now have easily access to the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. When I first walked into Gattaca, I felt different. I felt that I belonged to ‘home'. I felt that it's not me inside of me. I have taken someone else identify. Everything I would do, I would make sure that my DNA, as Vincent would be left anywhere. Whenever I touched the keyboard, I would take away the DNA left on it. In the shower, I would scrub all the dead skin off my body, and all the hair. When I found out that the Mission Director was murdered, I felt anxious if I was a suspect. My own eyelash was found in the building, which had my ‘invalid' DNA. This had attracted the police. I tried my best to not blow up my ‘valid' identity,


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