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To Love Is to Give Everything You Have

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Love is one of the most sacred things in human relationship. It can be compared to an invisible and invincible weapon. However, it is not true to state that you need to give out everything you have when you are in love. People may be self-destructive when heart broken, give out anything they have when requested and become more selfish to all the current relationship. The following discussion will be giving more details about this argument.

The first popular bad result in love is the self-destructive. As an insider, they may think that they are betrayed or not to be loved. It is leading to an insane behavior, committing suicide for example. There is a research shown out that every year, at least 35 people jump out of the Brooklyn Bridge as a heart broken victim. That kind of action is defended that their heart has been giving all to the partner but refused. Therefore, it proved that we should not give out all your heart when we are in love deeply.

Misunderstanding or to be cheated in love is another concern and the result is the victim will be losing everything physically. Few people come to a relationship is not for love but for personal purpose; for instance, properties of the others. The partner will ask the other to support all his/her needs on the behalf of love. If he/she does not give out, he/she will be understood as not loving truly. It is clearly showing out the result, when one is satisfied with all the intended requirements, he/she will be running away. This is another evidence for not giving everything when requested in love.

Another lost when giving out everything in a relationship is to lose many other relationships. It is not wrong to put all your soul and mind in love relationship; but not because of that, you may ignore all other relationship around. Few did not realize that a true friend is more important than a lover. Furthermore, in some worst cases, a love-bird ignores their own relationship


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