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Article Summary - Secret Love

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This story begins almost on the same note where it ended, that is with Deolat, the village ‘stud' being at the focal point. When alive, he was the desire of many women but posed as a threat to the men, which caused him to loved by some and hated by others but, he didn't seem to care too much. This story focuses on Dolly who has become victim to Deolat's invisible sting, and as her husband Ram becomes aware of it his wife's attraction to the stud, he becomes deeply disturbed and behaves strangely. One of his friends then confirms his suspicions when he informs Ram that he personally witnessed the physical closeness being shared between Dolly and Deolat.

Giving his wife whom he apparently deeply loves the benefit of the doubt, Ram directly asks his wife Dolly about her acquaintance with Deolat and his periodic visits to their home. Dolly doesn't deny the stories coming out of her husband's mouth and acts like it was not much of a big deal. She seemed to be subtly unconcerned about Ram's feelings. She was completely unaware of her husband's state of mind, not knowing the mental and emotional turmoil he was experiencing. She was touching another man, a man who was considered a "dog" by their fellow villagers. How could his Dolly do that to him? But alas as Ram sat in state of reverie, the only one he cud find at fault for this madness that was causing him this pain was Deolat.

His pain evidently transformed into some form of temporary insanity as Ram quietly walked away, he left his wife and his home without any warning. Initially, Dolly didn't panic as she thought Ram went for a walk, but as hours turned to days, then to weeks, then to months, she became despondent as she ran out of places looking for him. Yet still although her husband was missing she thought about Deolat and missed seeing him as well. Eventually worry and lonliness overcame her. As luck would have it Dolly was reunited with


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