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Love at Work

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We work in the same company and we are both married to different people. He admired me and was in love with me for 4 years but only shared this secret with his friend. His friend always told me how he felt but I did not take it seriously becos I was committed to my marriage and I knew he was married. The only thing I used to do was greet and never had a conversation with him. I never felt anything for this man. So my friends decided to go out for xmas lunch before we went on holiday and he joined us.He couldn't believe that I actually spoke more than 2 words to him. And I never new how this man across the table felt for me. The things that ran thru his head while I innoncently sat there talking to him and not knowing he is my type, the man of my dreams. We spoke about our families and work. After lunch I gave all my friends a hug and him. It was something for him.So when we returned in the new year, we started sending friendly emails to each other.

During the emails I picked up that this man felt something for me and it came directly from him and I started getting attracted to him.

He made me feel special. He complimented me and told me lovely things. I felt so good, so loved and appreciated but I did not tell him that becos we took each other as friends. I was attracted to him. So he asked when will I make him coffee so I invited him to my office. We started talking and i felt something falling for him. He phoned me and told me to listen to a song that was playing on the radio station "one in a million" which he dedicated to me. The words in that song really touched my heart and I fell in love with him. I found that very romantic. I never thought i would fall in love again since I am married for 10 years and he is married for 12 years. Never did I feel so strongly in love with someone this way. There was something very special about this man that I couldn't resist. But i waited for him to tell me that


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