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No Brotherly Love

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Living in the rival city during the World Series can be a very tough experience, especially coming from Philadelphia and living in New York. Everyone is anticipating the last game of the World Series which will decide who the world champion is going to be. The Yankee fans are so dedicated to their team and city. But they are not nearly as passionate as a Philadelphia Phillies fan. You can just imagine the negative energy Yankee fans are going to direct to this single Phillies fan. The two cities already clash: one thinks there superior to the other; one says it has a better culture, but they both are looking forward to the big game. It was 7:00pm. When William's alarm went a ringing it echoed throughout his whole apartment. That meant two things it was time for work, but more importantly it was time to watch the Phils clinch the last game in the World Series. So confident he was especially since this was the 2nd consecutive year the Phillies have been in this position and they have a great deal of experience in handling these type of games. But this is not going to be a walk in the park he thought. The Yankees are loaded this year, finally collecting himself he sat up. It's late October so he can feel a brisk fall breeze that gave him a swift reminder that it was no longer summer. He didn't have carpet in his room so on colder days his floor felt as if he was walking on ice cubes so when he stood up he rushed to put on his socks. As he glanced out the window he really admired the colors that fall brought, the deep orange, mustard yellow, and scarlet leaves that thickly covered the ground. Every year they let us know winter's coming.

His roommate comes in his room and says "Dude turn on the game" William replied "What you just want to see how bad my Phillies are beating the yanks". As they both laughed he turned on the game. To no surprise the Phillies are up 3 to 1 in the bottom of the 5th inning. As you know William is a Philadelphia native and is forced to watch the game on enemy territory. Finally Preston wakes up and says "we don't have time to watch that game was going to be late for work dummies", they call him Oscar with reference to Oscar the grouch from sesame street because he is never in a good mood. So William reluctantly got dressed and headed out the door but not before checking the score its 4 to 2 in the top of the 7th. As he sat in the car he zipped up his jacket up to his neck and put on a hat to him it felt like a clear day in December. The two New yorkers looked at him as if he was psycho. William could care less, feeling like a toddler on Christmas as he anticipated getting to work so he could turn the game on. But in the back of his mind he knew it was going to be one hostile environment.

When he opened the door at work it was a sad scene. Half of his


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