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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we are here today to witness the case of Pharaoh vs the children of Israel. I will be presenting you with some facts that will help prove the crime that was committed. After hearing the details of the case the jury will fully agree with me in stating that Pharaoh is GUILTY.

Pharaoh committed the crime of enslavement by holding the children of Israel hostage and not allowing them to be free to serve the Lord God. He didn't allow the children of Israel to live equal as the Egyptians. He wanted them to do as he, the king of Egypt, told them to. The children of Israel had taskmasters over them to force pain upon them. They had to deal with the burdens that Pharaoh and the Egyptians afflicted upon them. The children of Israel were forced to work hard, build supply cities, and endure being physically restrained for no reason. They were to serve the Egyptians in all manner of service. “All their service in which they made them serve was with rigor.” (Exodus 1.14) The Israelites had to work as servants and field workers to Pharaoh and his people. Can you imagine what they went through? What if it were you? How would you feel? How would you go on after enduring so much pain? The Israelites must have been strong people to go through so much and still go on each day as though nothing happened. Some of the Israelites could have had physical and mental breakdowns. They could have wanted to commit suicide versus deal with the misery and agony they encountered. Some could have started to afflicting the pain they received upon themselves or others because the pain would be all they knew. And on the other hand, they could have also fought back, by letting the Egyptians know that the pain they were causing was wrong, cruel, and unfair. Like in the book of Genesis, God let Adam and Eve know that eating of the forbidden tree was wrong.

Pharaoh also wanted all baby boys to be killed. He said “every son who is born shall cast into the river.” (Exodus 1.22) He didn’t want baby boys to live because he may have thought that they would one day take his place, as king of Egypt. Pharaoh didn’t want anyone to be better or equal to himself. Pharaoh wanted to be the Almighty GOD. He wanted everyone to obey, have faith, and worship him like they did God. What would make someone discriminate against gender? How would you feel if you had to surrender your son? The Israelites were to bear children for nine months and feel that loving bond between the parent and the child, but never actually see your child become something great like a doctor, lawyer, or a king, if it was a handsome baby boy. It’s totally unfair and wrong for Pharaoh to end someone’s life before they had a chance to live because of their gender. I want each of you who have sons to think of the greatness your sons have accomplished or maybe even helped you with. And imagine not ever getting to know, feel, or even accomplish that moment. How do you feel? And only because you were blessed with a being that were not worthy enough for the king of Egypt. His life had to end before it even begun. It saddens me to know the Israelite women had an emptiness in their hearts because a one of a kind precious gift was taken from them for no purpose.


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