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Rhetorical Article

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Irving Coffman, in the statement, argues that other manufacturers of products that are legal yet harmful to the society should, like tobacco companies, pay a financial settlement for the damages that they cause. Coffman supports his statement by using facts and examples. The author's purpose is to inform the present society of the actions taken in order to that have been to lessen the problems that these dangerous companies cause. The author writes in a formal tone for the society to which the products are harmful towards. I dispute against Coffman's statement because of the lack of explanation on who is responsible for the choices made and who is to blame.

There always rules that apply when using dangerous products. Guns were originally designed for protection and a sense of safety. For example, the NRA makes rules that should be followed by the owners of the guns but often are not. This example disputes against Coffman's statement because the responsibility of who uses the lethal weapon and how they use. It is not the companies that are being irresponsible; it is the people who are irresponsible. Another example is the random school killings. As a result, many deaths have occurred over time due to irresponsibility.

Alcohol is a substance that is highly abused. An overuse of a substance or product could result in not only endangerment to one self but also others. Alcohol is an often misused substance. Some people use alcohol to relax, whereas others use it for other purposes. For example, in the 19th century there was a piece of proproganda that was made in response to the abuse of alcohol. It shows different levels of drunkenness that was achieved by the people. It showed that alcoholism resulted in poverty, illnesses, and eventually death. Coffman does not show a clear understanding of who is to blame for the abuse of alcohol. The company is responsible enough to put warning labels. The decision to purchase the product and to abuse


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