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Outline of the Management Case Study Project

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Outline of the Management Case Study Project


Background to the case study

The most important challenge facing many organizations today is to respond technological developments and increasing expectations of their employees. Human Resources Management and managing Human Resources Management decisions through Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) would minimize recurring costs as well improve efficiency and total quality of information on decision making process.

Over last two decades there has a considerable increase in the number of organizations gathering, storing, and analyzing information regarding their Human Resources (HR) through the use of HRIS software which include HRIS functionalities (Ball, 2000; Hussain et. Al.,2007; Ngai & Wat, 2006). HRIS is essentially an information system, which should be used to develop.

The implementation of HRIS is a complete novel process to W.M. Mendis & Company Limited (WMML) though it was introduced by many Sri Lankan Organizations during the past two decades. W.M. Mendis & Company Limited is a superior Liquor Manufacturing Company over four decades. It was established in 1960 by Mr. W.M. Menids and in 2011 it was taken over by a well-known young entrepreneur namely Mr. Arjun Aloysius.

In the beginning of year 2016, WMML stated its HRIS project by hiring a vendor Called Rype3 after identifying the value of fully automating its Human Resource Management process. However, the first pace, in June 2016, it was successfully implemented the Payroll module of the company without any single error and enjoying its success.


The theme

This implementation of HRIS software for the organization took bold step to enhance the organizational performance through value innovation of Human Resources Department of WMML. WMML started its HRIS project by successfully implementing the payroll module and already planned to implement its other modules called recruitment and selection, performance management, benefits management, dash board and grievance within this year. Undoubtedly, WMML’s success is its employees. Almost every organization employees of WMML as its most valuable asset and in order to sustain the market position, WMML shifted to automating its HR processes without a second thought. However, HRIS is supposed to provide complete solution to managing its employees from recruitment to retirement. This will increase the ability to enhance organizational performance through value innovation of Human Resource Management Department.

Accordingly the theme of this case study is enhance the organizational performance through HR Value innovation.


Case framework: Theoretical description

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