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Ob Individual Decision Making

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Time available- it far easier to make and less wasteful of time to make decision individually. It also can help to make immediate action if we face the difficult situation.


1.) Allyn Bacon and Boston, a Diagnostic Approach To Organizational Behavior, 1993. Relatively time available


3.) Robert N. Lussier. Human Relations in Organization/ Application and Skills Building/5th Edision.It (time ) takes longer for a group to make decision than for an individual

Individual/organization fit lead to creativity- when there is a match between the individual and the organization, the individual will create very creative thinking to solve or to give idea in the organization that he or she work for.


1.) Debra L Nelson and James Campbell Quick/2000/3rd edition, Organizational Behavior, Foundations, Realities and Challenges - research has indicated that creative performance is highest when there is a match, or fit between the individual and organizational influences on creativity. For example when individual who desire to be creative is matched with an organization that values creative ideas the result is more creative performance.

More competent- the person will gain motivation and work harder to earn large profit in their own company.



Average of members' opinions: Useful when it is difficult to get group members together to talk when the decision is so urgent that there is no time for group discussion, when member commitment is not necessary for implementing the decision, and when group members lack the skills and information to make the decision


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