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My Hobby Case

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A hobby is a useful work done for pleasure. It keeps us busy in our leisure time. It refreshes our minds and adds color to our life. Life is meaningless without a hobby. Different people have different hobbies. Some people like stamp- collecting, while others like paintings, music, reading books, watching T.V., and swimming. When I was a child, I had great interest in watching cricket on television and playing cricket became my hobby slowly. I am a great fan of an Indian cricket team, which I always watched on T.V. This made me play cricket whenever I felt bored from my hectic life. Therefore, whenever I play cricket, it refreshes my mind, gives me courage, and makes me a strong and healthy person, because the sport has an interesting history, subculture, purpose, and views in popular culture which always made me enthusiastic to achieve success in any field.

In the article "Cricket," it has been stated by encyclopedia that the first sight of cricket has been seen in the early 13thcentury. The town boys started playing a game before three stumps or gates which resulted into the originality of cricket. The Indian national cricket team was originated under the British rule when a first official match was played in June 25th, 1932. It was the time in Indian cricket history that India was the weakest team after Australia, West Indies, and England for fifty years. They only won 35 matches out of 196 matches they played. The team gained strength after 1970 under the players Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Prashana, Srinivas, Chandrasekhar, and Bedi by winning the first world cup in 1983 as stated in the article "Kapil Dev". This shows the struggle of the Indian team to attain success. The Indian national cricket team stands first in one-day cricket, second in test matches, and second in T20Is. Cricket became my hobby, because I saw the enthusiastic nature and team- spirit of the players in order to get success after a long time. Thus, I play cricket in order to be a better person because it makes me to get away from everything, helps me to take anger out of my mind, and establish coordination with my work and family.

Indian cricket team has a wide subculture, which describes the people who started the passion of cricket officially in India through different clubs and international matches. In the article "Cricket- Pop Culture Media!" it has been stated that the Oriental Cricket Club was formed by the Parsi communities of Bombay in 1948. This was the first cricket club established by Indians. In the 1900's, some Indians went to play matches with the English Cricket Team. British appreciated the two personalities Ranjit Singhji and Duleep Singhji for their excellent performance. Thus, two tournaments named as Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy became the first tournaments held in India after their success in England. I used to watch the clips of these tournaments which led cricket to become my hobby. The Board of


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