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My Father's Description

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My Father is the best father in the world; the following paragraphs will describe my father as I see him. He is 55 years old, 5 feet 7 inches, medium built and have black and gray hair. He has to wear glasses when he has to read and he loves to cook. I can describe the physical attributes of my father but it will end up being some of the same attributes of any other man. However, I will try to describe the intangible attributes of my dad that are known to people who know him.

My dad is very caring. He is there for me when I am sad and when I am happy. His family comes first; we are the source of power to dad. He takes pride in telling people how good and close his family is. My dad not only cares about his family but he cares about others, he is involved in many charity events and loves to give and reach out to people who are in need.

My father is affectionate and loving. He always treats my mom with love and care no matter where and with whom. He wraps his big but soft hands around her shoulders and tells her that he loves her. He never fails to tell me how much he loves and cares about me. I will look into his glowing brown eyes and they are shining every time he says to me and that’s how I know he means it.

Another quality that my dad has is that he enjoys life. His age and the weakness of his body do not stop him from doing activities. He loves the outdoors; he is always working around the house garden and taking long walks around the house. He enjoys calling me for help when he can’t reach something because he is short, he jokes about it all the time, he says “son what would I do without your height” and I reply “without my height or without me?” and we will laugh about it.

Moreover, and as you can see, my father has a great sense of humor and he is very easy going. He loves to joke and act funny at times which drives my mother crazy some times. He will compliment her as a teenager. I remember one time when they were


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