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Description of Managerial Competencies - Communication Competency

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Description of Managerial Competencies

Communication Competency

Communication competency means the two-way transmission of data between two or more people that result in the desired interpretation of data. (Hellriegel, Jackson, Slokum, Staude, Amos, Klopper, Louw & Oosthuizen, 2006:13).They argued that effective communication is essential in networking individuals within or outside the organization for coordination of organizational activities. Similarly, (DuToit, Erasmus, & Strydom, 2010:223) highlighted that “good communication is conducive to good relations between managers and individual employees, groups, teams and the organization and its environment”.

Planning and Administration Competency

This competency entails information gathering, planning and organizing projects. Random House Webster (1997) found that planning is the setting of goals that need to be achieved and administration is the skill, knowledge, qualification, capacity, and authority to monitor the direct affairs of a business organization.

Teamwork Competency

Teamwork simply means collaborating and cooperating to get the job done. Team members work together towards a common goal by supporting and managing team dynamics. Helriegell et al (2006) viewed “teamwork as a competency that involves taking the lead at all times, supporting, supporting others and collaborating with others in the organization on projects”.

Strategic Action Competency

This is the conduct of drafting, implementing and evaluating functional decisions enabling an organization to achieve its long term objectives. To be effective, managers make decisions, set up goals on the basis of future potential and must study department’s strategic plan, business plan and operational plan.

Global Awareness Competency

Globalization refers to the continuous pattern of “a global network of economy, society and culture through communication, transportation, and trade”. (Fischer, Berman & Styern, 2010).Global awareness involves the ability to interact with different people either nationally or in foreign lands.

Self-Management Competency

Managers need to demonstrate ethical behavior, manage stress effectively and demonstrate good judgment, choose challenges on conflicts.Managers have to take responsibility for their life at work and beyond and must as well be able to criticism.

Application of Managerial Competencies

Communication Competency

Du Toit et al (2010:222) argued that


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