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Mad Talks

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Mendoza, Abigail G.                                                                             LBYMKT2

July 30, 2019                                                                                  Ms. Poblador


Last July 22, 2019, I had the opportunity to attend the seminar Madtalks for a course requirement for my LBYMKT2. There were two speakers who enlightened us about their journey and insights in the world of Marketing. The first speaker was Grace Custodio who talked about “Marketing Me.” Followed by “Ghost, Technology, and Capitalism” by Paolo Picones. Indeed, I learned very insightful perspectives from the speakers that would shape into a better marketing student and enthusiast.

Grace Custodio is the Country Director for the Anderson group. She mentioned that she started from nothing and she married a politician and she was just a plain housewife for 10 years. Then she became innovative, creating her own path towards success through marketing. For her, social media is very important nowadays since it gives the people the power to connect with each other and be easily informed with just one click away. She used to sell stuff online and there she learned how to market her business while working from home. With that, combining social media and marketing can create new ideas on how we can continue to evolve or innovate the world. It is not only beneficial for Grace, but also for her customers since it makes their lives easy since they could online shopping as well. Now, because of social media and Marketing, Grace Custodio is very successful and is a licensed real estate for the Anderson Group. She also shared that her 14-year-old son sells sneakers more than she was earning at her first job. I actually have a lot of insights from the first speaker but one thing for sure has always been at the top of my head and that is women empowerment. Grace felt useless at first because she was only a housewife for her family. She felt that her talents and capabilities were limited beneath the walls of her households. Then she became innovative and paved her way to success. We’ve been underestimating the role of women in every aspects of our world, we’ve always been prioritizing the men, believing that they are always better than women mostly at anything. We should stop having this misconception that’s been dominating our minds for decades and bring equal opportunity for us women and give us the platform for us to prove that we can contribute for the betterment of our society. Grace Custodio is not just a great example of my insights but she’s also a role model especially for us women who will be taking the same path she took towards success.


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