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Political Talk Shows on Different Tv Channels

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Political talk shows on different TV channels are creating confusion in society. However, for the general viewers, it’s a great fun to see politicians quarreling in a public media, sometimes even live! Sometimes one politician is trying to outsmart his opponent by means of logic and precise information just like skilled debaters. Sometimes two politicians in a talk show are seen to be passing angry statements against each other and the host of the show sitting in between, embarrassed. Such exclusive moments are really a treat to watch since these are all for free! Perhaps this is the reason why the TV channels have started considering political talk (comedy) shows as entertainment programs and allotted prime time for their broadcasting!

Political talk shows contribute to political awareness of people. However, the diverse views of the talkers on the same political issue tend to create significant controversies among the viewers. In some cases the political talk shows spread partisan views reflecting little objectivity, ill-feelings and discord among viewers of different leaning. Some kind of monitoring mechanism may be put in place to assure minimum standard of objectivity and neutrality of views delivered in talk shows.

The TV channels as mass media seek to raise public awareness of country’s political issues by arranging the talk shows. The audience finds the talk shows interesting and informative, and educate themselves with analysis of political issues from different angles. Expectedly, the overall public awareness created by the political talk shows would help form enlightened opinion, and contribute to accountability of the concerned political leaders in the long run.


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