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5 Writers That Talked About the Assassination

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What details of the events has each writer selected to focus on? In all there are 5 writers that talked about the assassination of Malcolm X, and although each of them somewhat concentrated on the same aspects they all decided to focus on others that they felt was important. Giving a broad report the writer for The New York Times describes the events in detail. He talked about the age of the individuals, how many were actually involved, and the exact place where everything took place. In "Life" the writer writes: "Most shocking of all to the residents of Harlem was the fact that Malcolm had been killed not by "whitey" but by members of his own race"; stressing that he was killed by a black man, especially because of what his speech was going to be about. With "The New York Post" the emotion of Malcolm X's followers was his main focus and the strategies his killers used. The piece that is in "Associated Press" concentrates on what happens after the murderers were arrested. The last writer for the "Amsterdam News" chose to write about the people's reactions and the avenging sequence of the black extremists.

How has each writer organized the details that have been selected? The first writer uses a narrative to present the entire process of the assassination. He talked about Malcolm X of course being the main character of the event, his assassin, and then the address of the event and the people that were involved. The second writer of "Life" describes Malcolm X's injuries, then explains what he was doing before he got shot, and the fact that he was shot by a black man and not white. In "The New York Post" the writer explains the conversion in the audience, quotes some of the speech, then writes how the scuffle in the audience started and how Malcolm X got shot. Associated Press

Associated Press–the writer reports the event that against Malcolm X a week


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