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Love Letter to Jesus

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A Love Letter to Jesus

My Sweet, Sweet Jesus,

Lord, I love you with all of my heart. If there were enough words in the English language that I could say all that was in my heart Lord I would do it.

Father, You are God, You are my life, my love, my breath and my salvation. Lord you are my friend that sticks closer than a brother, Lord you are my husband and my provider. Lord You are the one who picked me up from the pit and lifted my feet on Higher Ground, You are the Lover of my soul, the love of my life, my desire is for You and no other. Jesus You are my Bright and Morning Star and You Lord are my Beloved.

Father I praise You for Your Son Jesus Christ who has given me life, and love and peace and joy. Who was willing to give His life for mine, shed His blood for all I have ever done and Who rose again from the dead that we may be justified in Him. Jesus if I could sing I would sing a song of love that would belong to no other but You. There is no one, Lord no not one who was willing or able to get into the depths of my heart and change it to reflect Your heart. Lord Jesus You are beauty, You are life, You are my everything. You are my reason for living, You have bought purpose to my life, You have filled me with Your Spirit and You Lord loved me when there was no one else to love me. You have taken me through the valleys, You have been there on the mountaintops, you are with me daily and there is nothing I cannot tell you. You listen even when I can't talk, when it is just my tears falling Your presence falls on me and reminds me You are with me. Lord you are the song in my heart.

You are, Lord, all I could ever hope or ask for in this lifetime and in eternity. Lord Jesus that you would love me, You know my every thought, my every deed yet You never leave, You never give up, You teach me with Your Word, You are


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