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Living in Foreign Country

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Do you think that living in foreign country is easy? You cannot imagine that you can do without facing difficulties this is challenge. The challenge gives taste for our life, when you grow in your culture you get used to it. However, If your life is changed and made you to try living in a different culture this is the real challenge. A four years ago when I came to United States I was so excited but I was scared at the same time. It was not easy when we have decided to live in United States in order to can we accept the different culture or not. There were three things that were challenging for me eating different food, speaking different language, living in a different climate.

First, it is not easy for most of one to eat anything in a strange country. Actually when the people foreigners go to the new country they ask the people if their food is exist in their state or not .We always prefer to look for our original food , which we are used to in our country. For example, when I came to the United States I have only eaten pizza and salad and I was try to find restaurant which have middle east food and then I found but not more and it is far from my home. In addition, some people who have religion as me, they have some rules in eating such as muslims can not eat pork meat so they have to find the food without pork. Eating is not an easy issue as you think when you live in different country.

Second, speak different language the biggest challenge facing anyone. To speak a different language is not only learn it but also are gaining skill. Same people have skill acquisition of different languages so they do not spend more time to get it. Before I came to United States I was not speak English and I am worried how I can to live in United States without English. For Example, I was in target store with my husband when we were waiting for our turn in cashier I moved back and collided with a women and the women said you do not have eyes and I said thank you, it was a funny position. Learn different languages makes you live in a different country.


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