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Causations of People Immigrate to Foreign Countries and Problems They Might Meet Living in There

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       Causations of people immigrate to foreign countries and problems they might meet living in there.

  Since the economy around the world has became a whole entity, this environment changing the rate of immigration increasing(Li,  Li 2008). Many people leave away from their motherland, and immigrate to other countries, which have much more opportunities and chances to live and to develop there. Meanwhile, some highly developed countries that are eager to acquire more labour and other financial capital to satisfy their own needs, also they want introduce talent and high-skilled workers from anywhere. However, accompanied by increasing rate of immigration, a variety of problems have emerged, such as discrimination at working and living environment, trouble for job finding.

  Because both countries and immigrants have mutual needs from each other, such as economic or cultural needs, the rate of immigration has been raising for few decades already. According to the research by li, (2008), the population of immigrants has changed dramatically upward from 1998 to 2005; the average migration increased around 3.6 million annually. For example, the People Republic of China is a majority country of immigration output to Canada. There are three valid reasons could explain well the causation of populations transferability, which are demand and supply for labour force; different type of labour market between China and Canada; and the immigrate expectation of foreign countries.

 First of all, because Canada is a large country accompany with the lower labour, it requires a large amount of labour force to keep up with the productivity(Li&Li2008). Moreover, the immigration department of Canada claims that they want immigrate people who are well-educated and high-skilled(Tannock, 2011). Thus, based on this concept which were given by Canada's immigrant points system, China then starts to transfer workers to Canada, such as students who have just graduated from university(Li&Li 2008). Furthermore, because there is a serious problem which is the surplus of new graduated students can hardly find a suitable job in recent years that China faces, they have to look for job opportunities overseas which have lower competitions comparing with China. Another reason that immigration rate changed is that people want to live and work in more developed country(Li&Li 2008).

 Once immigrates finally leave away from their own nations, a list of problem will probably happen to them for the rest of their life. The discrimination is the very first significant problem they will meet in foreign counties. According to survey, Chinese children who have immigrated to Canada are humiliated by local residents. Also, they might be humiliated by their instructors and classmates while they are at school(Oxman Martinez et al, 2012). For example, their native classmates might bullyrag them, and their teachers might treat them with a bad and indifferent attitude. These behaviours will make immigrated children feel excluded by school. At the same time, these acts can cause them to feel unpopular and harmful for their self-esteem. Eventually, this terrible circumstance may cause children's psychological illness such as depression( oxman-martinez, et al, 2012). Nevertheless, Raby(2012) that describes immigrated students, especially black people,are at risk while they are in school, which means that if they  wants to have a better life, they will successed but with a very high risk of failure because of their poor-performance in school, lack of involvement by their parents, and their non-white skin color(James, 2012).This investigation can prove not only new immigrates are discriminated, but also the descendents of the old immigrant who grow up in America and Canada are discriminated as well. For example, in existing research studies, the educators and researchers prefer to describe only black students as stupid, slothful; have muscle with totally no brain, and so on. The adjective words they use to describe black students are all derogatory words without any respect.


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