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Hamlet Case

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Hamlet, the Prince of Demark, is provoked by a Ghost to avenge the murder of his father by killing the murderer, his Uncle Claudius. Throughout the play, Hamlet struggles between his desire to carry out this act of revenge and his fear that such vengeance is futile. Although Hamlet is obsessed with the murder, his obsession often leads him not to action so much as to philosophy--a questioning of the very nature of existence. While Hamlet hesitates, lost in thought, his foil, young Fortinbras gathers an army to march across Denmark. His mission and his conscience are both clear: he will conquer Denmark and retake the lands that once belonged to his father. This action will bring Fortinbras both political power and psychological closure. Shakespeare's HAMLET may be understood as a play about two dead fathers and two grieving sons and the different paths grief takes. Here, we will follow Hamlet on his course, noting especially how his need to avenge his father and his inability to come to terms with what he must ultimately do affects his most intimate relationships with family, friends, and lovers.

Hamlet despises deceit and believes in the virtues of being truthful, having honor, and faithfulness in a relationship. He has difficulty with overseeing people and governing politics. Overall, Hamlet would probably not be a very successful king. Claudius, however, revels in deceit and is a master at the game. Claudius is excellent at ‘pulling the wool over people’s eyes’ and has no issue with being a phony. He understands the politics needed to be a strong and successful king and has no issue with managing people. This contrast of personalities interferes with Hamlet success in carrying out a plan to avenge his father’s murder.

Claudius believes that no one knows of what he has done


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