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1 / Background of study and Problem statement

Vietnam stock market survival and development has more than 12 years from the date of commencement of activities 28.07.2000. However, the scale of operations is still small and relatively more volatile when compared with the stock markets in the countries of the region and the world.

Since going into operation so far, the stock price on the Vietnam stock market there are always fluctuations and volatility is almost difficult explained by traditional theories. There are many analyzes and predictions about the stock market given by financial experts at home and abroad, but the results are not completely accurate, if not sometimes a deviation rather than real changes fall. This can be seen in the stock price volatility in recent years. Specifically, according to the company's lab An Binh Securities Joint Stock (2013) on the macro economy the stock market in 2012 opposite than the stock market in 2011, the year the stock index

2012 has risen sharply since the beginning of the year. Markets continue to create vibrant and peaks in early September until 5/2012, VN-Index surged 27% to the average exchange rate over 62 million shares per session, the HNX-Index surged 42.6% to average exchange reached more than 65 million shares per session. However, consecutive market fell sharply in the last 7 months with the "shock" concerning the banking sector, especially the ACB, STB. The market fell rapidly approaching the end of the year but increased sharply in the last months, but the main cause is due to macro-economic policies, especially the bad debt settlement schemes of the Government. According to Nguyen Thao (2013) showed that the last days of May 05/2013, the stock market suddenly break while continuously adding points, strong cash flow in the market which, according to economic experts, the stock market is benefit from the effects of monetary policy and some credit

With these fluctuations and uncertainty in the stock price should investors on Vietnam stock market had a lot of difficulties encountered when making investment decisions based solely on financial analysis techniques .

However, any investor on the stock market and want to have the ability to predict the decision to buy or sell the remaining crowd. Such a decision is subject to the impact of many factors subjective and objective. So how, what methods of analysis could support investors in the stock market Vietnam predict and control the movement trend of the market in order to manage the portfolio more efficiently. Finance application behavior can be useful in this case because it is based on a psychological analysis to explain the anomaly on the stock market. Behavioral finance can not provide a magic investment methods but helped the more cautious investors for their investment behavior, which can avoid the mistakes that they become poorer.


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