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Gender Based Advantages

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Many people tend to question their gender and majority of the time the opposite sex will argue that it is quite easier for a man to basically live life. With that, there are some great advantages as well as disadvantages of being a man. Appearance, personality, health and wellness, all are aspects that are looked at when debating this point.

As a man, you must understand that appearance is completely everything. When a woman is looking at you for the first time, you have to be that perfect structure. Whether it is the athletic look, or the simple and modern look, maybe even the optimistic businessmen look, a man has to fit into a category according to all women. A man has to have the perfect line up from the barbershop and a perfect outfit to match. He also has to have right shoe size that impresses a woman especially if she is a “sneaker-head”. A man is constantly being judged especially when that one woman brings all her girlfriends around. That man not only has to leave a great impression on the woman he is trying to date, but the ladies she brings along with her. A man has to say all of the right things at the right time. A man has a standard to uphold at all times and when that standard is not met he is quickly put to the backburner and the woman will easily move on to the next.

We all know that women have many obstacles in life. Some of which come through time and some of which come along monthly, but a woman can do many things and not once will she lose her status. Yes her standards may go down but she will still remain at the status she was originally deemed to be on. A woman also has to go through labor and endure the pain of four to eight pound baby being born through her with only a space about the size of a tennis ball and a half. A woman has to overcome emotional pain, but a man; a man must be bigger.

A man must hold everything within. A man must pose to be that he is okay and everything is all good. A man can’t just


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