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Gender Representation in Nuts

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As we grow up, we get to know that the world is divided into two parts: male and female. Gender is perhaps the basic category we use for sorting human beings, the media mostly portrays men as strong, masculine, tough, hard and sweaty while women are shown as fragile, soft, clean and mostly 'sexy'. The representations of women on page and screen do tend to be stereotypical, in terms of conforming to societal expectations, and characters who do not fit into the mould tend to be seen as dangerous and deviant.( keeping the stereotypical image of a woman and the target readers in mind, Every Nuts cover has a pretty woman with beautiful assets ,possibly with her arm's stretched out, posing on the front page. With 'NUTS' written in Red, which denotes or classifies passion or heat (Branston with Stafford, 5th Edition,pg.22) and also denotes love, lust and sex. The smaller headlines which goes like '100 topless celebs or 'big brother uncensored' grabs eyeballs of men of all ages. Coming to what's inside the magazine, what is it all about? A magazine subscription website says, A Nuts magazine subscription is perfect for men who need their weekly fix of women, sports, cars and gadgets. A Nuts subscription features a weekly lad's magazine on gorgeous girls from top stars to real girls in their underwear, the latest gadgets as they come out, hot sports cars, up to date sports news, a man's TV guide and hilarious features. Jokes and funny articles and Gadgets are included regularly in the magazine ( is how Nuts is advertised.This and the writing under the heading says 'Britain's no.1 Lad's Magazine' makes it clear that Nuts is targeted for men. Men of all ages i believe. It presents women in a stereotypical manner.This may be because the magazine editors believe that sex sells. In addition men's lifestyle magazines have also accepted the fact that sexually objectified women sell more magazines, which i believe is somewhat true these days. In order to attract male target audience, Nuts promotes pornography as it is very pornographic in its content,as such it has increased the use of female stereotypes " as sex objects" that is. Women on the front cover are nude and with their assets showing a i earlier said. They are positioned in with high angle shots and highlighted in bright colours on the addition, the women are also shown posing in a sexually manner. This to portray them as sexual objects and inferior to men and make the women stand out on front covers and inside the magazine, suggesting they are only put on the magazine to be looked emphasising Laura Mulvey's theory of the male


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