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Ernest Hemingway - Discuss the Representation of Sexuality and Sexual Relations or Gender and Gender Relations

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Discuss the representation of sexuality and sexual relations or gender and gender relations.

The Sun Also rises is a representation of the changes related to gender and gender relations and the experiences of a generation caught between world wars. Gender is represented as being redefined. Hemingway articulates the way in which war affects all aspects of human life particularly in the areas of gender. This essay will focus on the shift of gender roles away from the Victorian era that took place particularly focussing on the character of Brett and the woman she represents. This essay will too focus on how the evident changes in woman effected and changed the role of men, particularly focussing on the characters of Romero and Jake. The focus on these characters will show that the representation of gender undertakes an evolving change due to the situation and consequences of post war.

The representation of the woman of Brett clearly goes against the expectations placed on women prior to war. Hemingway's representation of Brett is described in a way that labels her with man like qualities physically as well as in behaviour. The description is in reference to her being a bit like a boy with "the hair brushed back like boys" but Hemingway too describes her as a woman with curves like "hull of a racing yacht". These descriptions work as symbols throughout the novel in marking difference and change in societal gender relations.

The symbol of hair used by Hemingway marks a clear distinction of manliness. The gender stereotype of the Victorian era was that women had long luscious locks. Hair was a significant a symbol for women of the time. The way that Hemingway uses Brett's hair throughout the novel brings the reader back to the evolving and changing role of a woman taking on masculine qualities. She is a pinnacle and influential character for starting


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