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Demonstration Speech - How to Throw a Lacrosse Ball

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Justin Fournier


Demonstration Speech

How to throw a Lacrosse ball

Many of us play sports. Most play sports like basketball or football, soccer, maybe even tennis. Not many know how to play lacrosse however. Maybe you never heard of it before. Seeing how I don't have enough time to explain the whole entire game to you, but I will tell you one of the most important things you need to know if you were to play. That is how to pass. It may look easy, maybe because it is, but I like thinking its not so I feel like I'm good. Even though it might be easy, there are a few steps evolved in doing this. Most of these step however you probably already do in the sport you play. For example planting your feet before you pass or keeping your eyes on your target. Before I explain the steps you need to know a little about the parts of the stick. The top of the stick is called the "Head." The string that is in the head is called the "Pocket." The long metal looking pole is called the "Shaft" and last but not least we have the very bottom of the stick, the little rubber part is called the "butt." So let's look into this. The first step before you can do any is to actually get the ball, this could be by catching a pass or scooping up the ball from off the ground, I don't really care just get the ball into the pocket. After you have the ball we can now choose weather to run with it or to pass. This comes to the second step; decide to run or to throw, in this case were going to pass. So now you must decide were you want to throw the ball. To choose were you want to throw it you should consider two factors. The first thing you should consider is who is open. If you pass the ball to some one who is covered you could risk turning the ball over to the other team or have your teammate get hit because he wasn't focused on the big steam roller come at him but instead the ball hurling at his face. The second thing you should consider after you picked out who is open is who is in the best position to make a play or score. You don't want to pass the ball to someone who can't do anything with it causing you to


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