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Crucible Static and Dynamic

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Arthur Miller is the author of the book The Crucible which is about an incident involving

witchcraft and how people are taken to trial to find out who was behind the banned witchcraft. By

looking at the roles of the static and dynamic characters in the play, one can see how static

characters play in the downfall of the dynamic characters.

Static characters in The Crucible are the characters that have experience little to no change

in the roles that they are being portrayed in. Reverend Parris is one of many who is partaken as a

static character. Little good is said about him in Act 1 and he is zoned in on the fact that his

daughter and niece are not involved in any type of witchcraft. Once he witnesses Abigail and other

women in the forest dancing naked, he is scared for what will happen to him. He is worried about

his reputation and is worried about losing his spot in the church of being prime minister. When his

is asked about Abigail and his niece, he says "And what shall I say to them? That my daughter and

my neice I discovered in the dancing like heathen in the forest?" (833) That statement proves that

Parris is only worried about his reputation. The entire story he tries to keep his name clean.

Towards the end of the play, Proctor tells the court about the girls dancing in the woods and Parris

pleads to the court that ever since Proctor has shown himself in Salem, all he as done is blacken his



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