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Dynamic Professional Possessing

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Dynamic professional possessing a wealth of experience in Project Management, Technical Presentation, Program

Facilitation, Team Development/Training, Analysis, Strategic Reporting, and Relationship Management

(Clients, Staff, Vendors, & Government Officials) seeks to parlay results derived across a

diverse range of highly critical environments to meet new key challenges through

continued education in Industrial Technology & Operations.

SUMMARY: • Project/Program Management Able to adapt to all emergent situations, directing

resources where required to meet goals. Maintain well organized teams, cross training all

staff to be the most effective. Cultivate awareness and self actualization of personnel,

building increased investment in operations by all staff.

• Relationship Management Highly experienced in assessing true needs and expectations,

building lasting professional relationships. Grow and deepen partnerships through careful

attention to relationship cultivation, leading to exceptionally ability to execute on key


• Process Implementation Possess a proven ability to anticipate unique requirements or

potential roadblocks in all situations. Continually develop back-up plans to minimize

downtime and deliver exceptional results; streamline communication and implementation

channels to quickly/effectively meet client and organizational


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