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Comparing Policies

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Comparing Policies

Policies on the use of alcoholic beverages are very important. They create guidelines that enable students to have a safer, controlled, and more educated college experience. Upon researching the policies at two separate schools—Rutgers University and Pennsylvania State University—I found that different schools enforce different policies on the use of alcoholic beverages.

"The University Policy on the Use of Alcoholic Beverages establishes a framework for specific present and future campus or college rules and regulations on the use of alcohol." The State University of New Jersey expects their students to take full responsibility for their own actions and to act to reduce risks of damage and harm. Rutgers University campus is regulated by federal and state laws as well as by local ordinance. "The use of alcoholic beverages at social functions at Rutgers is restricted to those functions open to members of sponsoring organizations and their invited guests where service of alcohol is restricted to those of legal drinking age as defined by pertinent New Jersey statutes." Along with that previous statement, comes another policy stating that student activity funds and admission fees may be uses to purchase alcoholic beverages, unless the consumption of those beverages is otherwise limited by college or campus-level regulations. Rutgers University generally focuses on individual responsibility. They feel that students should be observant and to make the right decisions when placed in an area where alcoholic beverages are being served.

"The use, possession and distribution of alcoholic beverages are prohibited upon the property of The Pennsylvania State University unless specifically authorized. Where such use, possession and distribution are permitted, strict compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is required." Penn State does not assume


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