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Colton H. Bryant Case

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Colton H. Bryant Essay

1 Feb. 2014

A Ladies Man

Most ladies would say that is was Colton's deadly blue eyes that made Melissa fall madly in love with him. On the other hand the reason could be something much more powerful and unresisting. And that reason is how Fuller portrayed him as being a pure gentlemen who is the most respectful with out even being aware of it. What helped shape and mold Colton into the man he was was the land he grew up to love and respect. Everything from hunting with his brother to breaking his first mustang played an important role in the shape of Fullers story and also in how Colton lived his own actual life.

Colton died at a very young age so in the book as a reader we where able to connect very well with him and it was obvious at the beginning of the book to tell that the land was going to help shape him. In chapter two you can see right away when Preston takes Colton out on his first hunting trip that the only place Colt will ever be in his spare time is out in the wilderness. Before the hunt he spends hours cleaning his gun over and over because the excitement of getting his first buck is almost too much for him. Also during the hunt he has to start to man up because he has to learn how to gut a dear and we all know that is not pleasant. Going right into the next chapter some more life lessons are taught to him by his mustang cocoa. When breaking cocoa he learned how to be a special kind of patient that only a man who has broken a horse in a lifetime can learn because in order to break a horse you must teach it lessons, but you can't be to forceful or else you will never get anywhere with the horse. This was especially helpful for Colton because he had no patience what so ever before hand. Also he had to learn to respect the horse and its beautiful power because it was such a huge beast that could end his life whenever it wanted too. Going along with this Bills philosophy on hunting also taught him to have respect for the animal and to not let any of it go to waste. This kind of wisdom from his dad was the stepping-stones to Colton having the manners of a real man towards a woman. A woman loves her man to have respect for her and to have all the patience in the world. And some men know this and knowingly will have these aspects, but Colton just had them didn't think anything of it. You could see this at the Astro Lounge when he has the encounter with the nice waitress who takes


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