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Childhood Essay

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I shall never forget March 2011, the Level 2 championship gala held in New Castle. The gala I had been training for all year was about to begin and feelings of pressure hung over me like a grey storm cloud of anxiousness and excitement.

Swimmers from all over the country shuffled in, to be welcomed by the acrid smell of chlorine in the intimidating fifty-meter pool. The weather had turned with a cold front approaching and the icy temperatures heightened for an even tougher race. Despite chapped lips and cheeks, drinking hot chocolate to warm up my body and the ever-so present nose burning scent of deep heat surrounding my head on my shoulders, I was determined that nothing would stop me from giving a performance of my ultimate best calibre.

The third day was the test of my time, effort and training. It was my one-hundred-meter breast-stroke final. I was lying in third place but fourth was just a few split seconds away. I needed to keep my position as gold and silver seemed to be out of my reach. I knew that I had it in me but I also knew that swimming through the twelve-degree water would require an extraordinary effort.

My name was called “Josie Dobeyn, lane four” with the top two swimmers on my right. My heart was pumping and my legs shaking as the starter called us forward by three-whistles to the blocks. I remember hearing “Take your marks!” and then the ear bursting crack of the gun shot off like a bullet. I decided to go out hard and fast, while my lungs screamed for air and as I took the turn, only then did I realise that I was ahead. The last fifty-meters was a blur. I heard the single shouts of my parents over the crowd, my legs were burning like fire and as I pushed myself, my entire body ached. I knew if I slowed down I would regret it forever. I tried to keep my rhythm and focus on the wsssll ahead but I could see my contender in lane five out the corner of my black goggles. A few more meters, my hands hit the touchpad. I looked up to see the only time-keeper smiling down at me. I faced the crowd to see my parents jumping around like monkeys at Fruit and Veg. I had done it! I had won the race in a personal best time.


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