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Challenges of City Life

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Living in big city is something that many young people dream about. Modern cities such as New York, London, Mexico, etc… are optimal places for the youngster who are willing to encounter some interesting and challenging tasks. However, life in an advanced society is not that easy as some people expect. In reality, it has certain disadvantages, including the transportation, social relationships, accommodation, overpopulation, greater spread of illnesses, and safety concerns.

One problem that urban residents daily encounter is the unreliable transportation. Because of the fact that thounsands of people rely on it to reach their destinations such as schools, universities, shopping centers and offices everyday, it can have an significant effect on their lives. In big cities, public transportation usually do not come on time. For example, buses which are supposed to arrive at 7.00 A.M may not show up until 8.00 A.M or even later. Sometimes, buses come in bunch, one after another. The result to this insufficient quality is the passengers missing appointments or being late at work. Personally, daily public transportation has to be safe and specific. Commuters and students who use this means of tranport everyday , in particular, are in need of a dependable vehicle. Taking pupils as an example, the tardy buses are likely to result in their lateness and unpleasant performance at schools. Additionally, there is always traffic congestion during rush hours when the streets are too crowded with an incredible number of people. Therefore, in order to get to their destination on time, many people have to leave their homes earlier and allow for waiting time at buses or streetcar stops. As a result, it is understandable that an increasing number of people are turning to private automobiles.

Pluralism can be considered another negative factor in overpopulated, big cities. In a large city at which various cultures shape the society, some social problems may be created. Metropolitan citizens seem not be as friendly and hospitable as people in the country. Since the majority of people always struggle to deal with personal problems, it is out of question to get to know their neighbors or catch up on others' news. They are so engaged in their own problems that they hardly pay much attention to anyone else. Even the communication among the inhabitants in a neighborhood is litmited. They may even barely talk to each other unless it is really necessary. In addition, promotion in the city is more difficult than anywhere in the world. In other words, most people have difficulty in finding a suitable job with an acceptable salary. Living in a big city means you will settle in a competitive world where the demand is great but the supply is restrictive. Thus, people have to try their best to achieve their goals.

Besides, accomodation in cities is undeniably costly. Due to the lack in


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