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Best Friend - Personal Essay

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One day there was a girl I knew, brown hair, black big eyes. When she smile, I smile. When she cried, I cried. Every single thing that happened to me that mattered, in some way had to do with her. She was my strong,  my love, my adviser and my everything. Years ago we made a promise to each other that no matter what we are always be together forever and ever regardless of the distance between us. A promise to always be there for each other. It was the kind of promise to always be there for each other. It was the kind of promise that could only came from the hearts of the very young.

     She was leaving She was following her dream in GJC,  while I was following mine here in CNHS and this would be the first time we would be separated. In reality the distance between our schools was not too far, but at the same time it seemed like we we're on opposite sides of the world. We stayed best friend but I watched our friendship slowly fade away. There are some questions in my mind.  Leaving me wondering why those magical moments before don't disappear? Because I want to forget her because she have a new in her school I think she forgot me. But I depend too much on her and I think when I lost her, I lost one part of myself. I felt like this piece of my heart was missing and there was no way of getting back.  It's impossible to forget a person who's played such a vital role in our life for so many years.

   It was a year ago when I slowly realized that moving on and letting go isn't something's that happens over night, or even over several months.  It's a long process, something I have to face everyday.  But, through the dark clouds, memories of the past are still shine.  I think everything was going to change for now change from the two of us. I think forgetting her is the better I think Lord have a good new plan for me I think I deserve much better  not like her I deserve a caring,


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