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Back to School - Education Is Tough

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Back to school

Education is tough. Tough to go through, and tough to do alone. However, no matter how tough it is to go through you never have to do it alone. Students are always surrounded by people happy to help them get through. Teachers, Parents, coaches and counselors. Need a guide? Take your pick. Need support? Take your pick. If you need motivation, you may read Barack Obama’s “Back to School” speech from 2009.  In his speech, he encourages students to create a safety net and never be afraid of asking for help.

In the speech Obama speaks about how asking for help is perfectly fine. He talks about how you can reach any goal you want, if you just work for it. How practice makes perfect. He even gives us examples of a couple people who have been through hell and back getting through the education system. However, they succeeded and got through just fine, and ended up exactly where they wanted to be. He wants us to speak out, to tell us that it’s perfectly fine to accept, guidance and support from the people around us. Everyone around, everyone in the world just wants us to succeed, us add human beings as people, as a world. We are only people, we can do a lot, and we can do what we want. However, we cannot do it alone.

As an individual you are the only one responsible for your education. You can have the most dedicated teachers, the most supportive parents and the best schools around you. However, none of it matters unless you actually show up for school, do your homework and listen to the people guiding you, it will not matter that you have people to lean on if you don not accept it and use their support. Everyone has their induvial battles, everyone has something their good at, something they are lacking, areas of expertise where they need help. Obama talks to the audience with such as if they were all his children, trying to motivate them to choose college to get an education and to follow through with their dreams. He speaks of responsibility on a personal level. Talking about his own experiences with school and life in general, relating to the audience and students as people all on the same level even though Obama is the one ruling the country. Obama speaks about how he and the future he is planning for the country needs as many people as possible to get educated so we can better the world using the knowledge we are getting, to develop the cures and tech so that we have a future. Obama mentions that our problem-solving skills will be the ones that comes handy the most due to the conditions of our planet. How the sea-levels are rising, the ice is melting, and our temperatures is going crazy. Summers hotter than ever, and the winter is predicted to be colder than ever.


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