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American Public School Education and Accountability

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Learning is a process that engages the students, teachers and the parents. They should all work hand in hand so as to influence the learning outcomes and performance of the students' results when schooling. Parents should follow up on ensuring that students put into practice what they are taught in class while at the same time telling their children the importance of education. Schooling should begin at home before a child even attends any form of public learning, parents should insist on the importance of education and how it can help their children and also tell them why they need to work hard. Teachers are also very responsible for bringing up well educated citizens and hence they should ensure that they strictly teach what is right and also ensure that what they teach is put into practice.

Students on the other hand are responsible for the learning outcomes as they are expected to put into practice what they are taught. They must participate effectively in class and be attentive. While it is possible to say that teachers should be held accountable for the students outcomes it is important to note that teachers cannot fully mould the students' behavior. It calls for corporation from all parties involved that is the parents, teachers and students. As parents always instilling discipline n their children and teachers following in by teaching the students who them put in pare or practice what they are taught.

American Public School Education and Accountability

American public school education is not up to the standards and this can be blamed on the teachers, parents and students. Parents are responsible for raising their children under the influence of reality television and teachers give the students grade for only attending class. This results in students completing there curriculum with no perception of history, geography, of mathematics and all other subjects and nevertheless such students are expected to determine the fat of their country by proceeding to work for their country both locally and internationally. This is the state of education in American public education that continues to happen throughout (Hill, Lake and Celio 100). The public schools consist of drug taking students and daily aggravation, hence private schools perform far much better than the public schools.

Parents are also held responsible in the outcome of the students as they should be concerned right from the beginning of schooling even prior t their children attending school. Teachers should also be held accountable for the learning outcomes of their students. Both parents and teachers should command respect from the students in the way they dress and conduct themselves around the students who are most likely to follow in their examples. Teachers should ensure that they earn high opinion from the students by instilling high standards of discipline on the


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