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Written by Tony - the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Public Statement

28 March 2016

Written by Tony- The spokesperson of The Ministry of Internal Affairs

Earlier today, two letter-bombs were sent to two British addresses; one to a lab technician of B.I.G, who was partially injured; and another one to the Head Office of Royal West Bank, where the bomb has been detonated by the police. An extremist animal rights group called DADA (Direct Action for the Defence of Animals) claims responsibility for the bombs.

Again, we reiterate that any attempt to improve animal’s rights should be based on mutual respect and genuine dialogue. In a civilized society, any act of violence and terrorism are absolutely forbidden. The government has been putting an eye on this terrorist attack and taking actions to keep the society stable. These kinds of criminal acts that endanger prosperity are strongly punishable in any country. For the animal experiment of B.I.G, the government has a clear position and will not comment on this until final investigation results are out.

Animals testing have been recognized as the most effective way to ensure the safety and efficacy of new drug. History of animal testing for biomedical research is much older than two centuries. In order to protect laboratory animals, scientists have been working on developing equally effective alternatives. At the same time, relevant laws will continue to be developed and improved by government.

Up to now, there is no satisfying proof to ensure the guilty of B.I.G about animals testing and the official investigation is going along. It is hoped that all sides keep calm and sane as the situation is under control. Any irrational behaviour can lead to unwanted outcomes. It is believed that any responsible company will take responsibility for customers, for society.

A formal press conference will be held by government later and every question to the investigation work will be answered by related officials. Meanwhile, the communication between B.I.G and related parties will be started respectively as soon as possible under government coordination. Finally, relevant information will be released in due course.

Lastly, any acts of terrorism are criminal acts, not exculpatory and the British government will surely take measures against it in order to protect rights and interests of parties concerned. The government is confident of deciding its position based on the merits of each case and does not seek to protect any side. The government will take measure to ensure that this kind of situation will not happen again.


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