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Woolworth Case

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t Woolworth should focus on for the following year is to grow its sales into a new level by using multi-channel strategy. Considering to the sever competition of other competitors, like Coles in local market, Amazon in global market and so on. Their fast growth definitely impact Woolworth. In addition, customers’ disposable income has been reduced due to global economic recession. Thus, in order to retain regular customers and also attract more new customers, Woolworth needs to improve multi-channel strategy. Firstly, continuing improving and consolidating online sales channel. Specifically, upgrading VIP program, which is customer can accumulate scores through every time online shopping. According to different levels of VIP, customers will be provided with corresponding discounts. This will increase customer loyalty. Also, trying to reduce delivery time is also significant for customers. For example, project delivery route according to different region; avoiding rush hours delivery and so on. Second one is to extend business hours as far as possible, offering customers 24/7 service based on their demands. It will provide more convenience for customers and also improve Woolworth brand name. All these improvements are able to enhance turnover of Woolworth.

We can measure the performances of multi-channel strategy from quality and timeliness aspects. Quality performances measure the degree of online sales whether or not meet customer requirements and expectations in the coming 12 months. Woolies need to ensure the quality of all the stuff on online shopping is same as in the supermarket, and online shopping also provide the special deals to suit customers. Quality of online shopping can be measured through the number of returns, customer complaints or how many customers walk out of the online shopping in the next 12 months. At the same time, Woolies can use the online service department to increase customer satisfaction levels.


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