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Wonder La: A Brand in the Service of Fun

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Marketing of Services

Case Analysis - Wonder La: A Brand in the Service of Fun

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Company History

Wonder La is one of the largest amusement parks in India founded by Kochouseph Chittilappilly (KC). The first park was launched in 2000 in Kochi under the name Veegaland and the second park at Bangalore in 2005 under the name Wonderla. Later in 2008, both companies merged to form a single entity under the brand Wonder La with a cause to build the brand through service offerings and expand to other locations.

Kochi and Bangalore amusement parks

The Kochi Park was set up in 2000 by Veega Holidays & parks Pvt. Ltd. situated 18km from the city. The target segment consists of all age groups but most visitors were children. Hence educational institutions were an important target segment. The park had more than 55 land & water rides such as thrill rides for teenagers, moving ferries wheel for adults, musical fountains and theatres for elderly people. The mascot was a baby elephant “Ammu”. It had OHSAS 18001 international certificate for safety and ISO 14001 for environmental protection.

Bangalore Park was set up in 2005 by Wonderla Holidays Pvt. Ltd 28km from the city. The target segment was young people working in IT but it was later redefined and the park was promoted for all age groups. The mascot was a baby monkey “Chikku” to promote the fun element. It also had certifications for safety and clean environment.

Market Potential

Amusement park industry in India was growing at 10%-15% per annum. This was due to increase in size of India’s middle class and increase in growth in demand for entertainment. Households with annual disposable income above $2500 increased from 13.51% to 43.53%. With current demographic trends, Indian market had 600 million potential visitors. As per the international norms, the market had potential of 500 more parks.

Flower of service – Wonder La

Facilitating supplementary services

  1. Information :
  • Agent contact on hoardings
  • Hoardings  of different rides and facilities
  • Help desk near the entrance
  • Help number displayed at intervals
  • Guest relations executives explained park layout
  1. Order Taking:
  • Orders by agents received by fax/e-mail
  • Estimate number of visitors and plan for food
  • On spot ticket counters also available
  1. Billing:
  • Ticketing computerized and individually printed; Helped to count the number of visitors in a group
  1. Payment:
  • Payment only collected on arrival

Enhancing Services

  1. Hospitality:
  • Parking space, Restaurants, Change rooms , Souvenirs, Conference halls, Meeting rooms
  • Visitors could buy suitable clothing for the water park
  • Friendly marketing personnel took care of customers’ comfort
  1. Safekeeping:
  • Locker facility were provided to visitors
  1. Exceptions:
  • Visitors were handed feedback forms by guest executives
  • Drop boxes provided at entry and exit
  • Any complaints/suggestions dealt with

Competitor Analysis

Wonder La is planning to expand in the city of Hyderabad and Chennai. Hyderabad had three major players in amusement park industry namely Jalavihar, Ramoji film city and Ocean park. While Ramoji film city is an integrated film city in the world, the rest two were water parks with less area and rides compared to Wonder La. Hence there is low barrier to entry.

Chennai also has 3 major players in land & water games namely VGP, Kishkinta and MGM. They also provide competitive entry fee. This makes the competition high for Wonder la.


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