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Why Study Ethics?

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Why Study Ethics?

We should study business ethics because a class in business ethics should not aim simply to help you learn about ethics, but it should also aim to help you do ethics. The goal of business ethics is to help us all create and buildup ethical institutions. We can achieve these goals by developing three subjective points: a better understanding of ethical issues, a more careful set of analytical skills to evaluate ethical issues, and a clarified receptiveness to appreciate the significance of leading an ethical life. Ethics should guide business decisions and can be divided within business. Corporations also have a code of ethics. The code must include standards that promote honest and ethical conduct, full, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable disclosure in the reports required to be filed by the issuer, and compliance with governmental rules and regulations. Unethical behavior is not okay and it not only creates legal risks for a business, but it also creates financial and marketing risks as well. Ethical behavior usually creates trust, loyalty, commitment, and creativity which are within ethically stable and dependable organizations. Our lives as employees, as consumers, and as citizens are effected by decisions made within business institutions, and everyone has good reasons for being concerned with the ethics of those decision makers. Business must take ethics into account and integrate ethics into its organizational structure which simply means that business ethics is very important everywhere especially in business institutions.

Additionally, values and ethics aim to advance human well-being and are acts and choices based on ethical values. From the outlook of ethics, no one person’s well-being counts as more respectable than any other’s. Ethical acts and choices should be agreeable and reasonable from all applicable points of view. Thus, we


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