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Where I Fall in on the Spi and How Marketers Used This Information

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Based on the Sustainability Passion Index (SPI) created by Conscientious Innovation (CI), market segmentation has evolved to support an environmentally focused society. The SPI include variables that guide the consumer’s choices and purchase decisions and has divided consumers into five segments:

 The Vocal Globalist

 The Casual Spectator

 The Pragmatic Believer

 They Hyper Local

 The Self Serving Non Believer

These categories show what consumers care about including social, personal, environmental, and spiritual issues that help with their buying decisions. And through the use of SPI, marketers have help develop a firm’s marketing strategy, product penetration, and pricing. It has delivered insight on how each segment perceives and evaluates brands, and has helped customize the product or service.

Which Segment I Fall in to and Why?

From studying the different segments, I fall in to “The Hyper Local”. This segment covers almost 28% of those surveyed to share the same traits. I noticed many similarities with this particular community. I shop at Farmer’s Markets and Wal-Mart, I am engaged and centre my life through family, friends, and the community, and am realistic about the choices I make and give credit to brands that are trying to make a difference.

Why I Shop at Farmer’s Market and Wal-Mart

Sustainability does help me make my buying decision. And other times pricing does too. For fresh produce, such as meat, vegetables, and fruits, I buy locally. I buy at farmer’s markets as I find the selection of vegetables is more diverse and offer better quality. I prefer to cook with locally grown produce that are in season and support our local farmers.

As a hyper local, I also base my purchasing on convenience. With household products, daily necessities, and other materials, I like to get more for what I pay. I shop at Wal-Mart, Safeway, and Costco exactly for this reason. The low price enables me to purchase more and to stock up these products to conveniently have them on hand.

How Family, Friends, Community, and Brands Influence Me

As a described characteristic of a hyper local, family and friends also play an important part of my decision making. Based on their recommendations and suggestions, they influence what I buy. I value their opinions on merchandise I may not have bought before and often ask for feedback before making my final decision.


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