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Meredith: Thanks Good Marketing Information, Meredith Knows Women

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Case Questions

1. Meredith’s marketing information system is its core capability. It is a massive database. Strength of the marketing information system is having produced the customer’s insights. This allows the company to understand the needs of the woman. This enables them to build relationships with their customers. On the other hand, a weakness of the marketing information system could be production problem. For example, you gather all the information about these women but what if you fail to meet the expectation in your magazine? You need to deeply analyze your customers. This is prevention from not achieving your goals.

2. Impersonal data points can’t really result in meaningful relationships because of the impersonal connection. For example, Meredith continues to touch and inspire the lives of women because she can relate. When someone knows your story and what you’ve been through a relationship is easier built and a personal connection is present.

3. Meredith’s marketing expertise does indeed transfer into media and products. As previously stated, it is a massive database. By having such a strong foundation on the internet allows a variety of media outlets to surface. For example, Meredith now has a deal with Google play which is big. Meredith is all about expansion.

4. Print media is hardly a growth industry but doesn’t mean anything for Meredith and her company. The fact that built a empire and a foundation on the internet, who heavily invested in her future is still very bright.

5. Meredith and her executives are doing a fantastic job of marketing and keeping their company stable. The one recommendation that I would make would be, to do market research on marriage. Most women love to talk and read about marriage and most of their customers are or plan on getting married. I think it would be a great expansion stepping stone.



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